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Meet the Team behind the Scenes

Meet the Team behind the Scenes

Meet Stella Johnstone, our Isle of Wight Housekeeper

Stella is certainly no stranger to Allnatt, she started at East Dene back in the March of 2003 as a part time housekeeper.

This first experience as an Allnatt staff member was so great she decided to stop & stay (see what we did?), progressing through the roles of housekeeper and kitchen assistant to become our Head Housekeeper in just a few years.

We asked her for a quote and she said “I love my job”. We can’t say fairer than that.



Q: Where did you grow up? 

A: I grew up in Wroxall, which is a small village on the Isle of Wight

Q: What was your dream job growing up?

A: My dream job was to become a chef, but kitchens are far too hot and the hours were too unsociable

Q: Tell us something surprising about yourself?

A: I have worked at Buckingham Palace a few times

Q: What is your favourite hobby?

A: I play in the Samba band, Raw Samba

Q: Who’s your favourite 80’s / 90s band?

A: My favourite group growing up was Bros, I was a huge fan but never got to see them

Q: What do you love most about your job in two words?

A: Location and flexibility

Q: Favourite comfort food?

A: Macaroni cheese

Q: Where do you go on Holiday?

A: Greece, particularly Crete, but I like to adventure on a new island each year.

Q: Best place to go for a day out on the Isle of Wight?

A: I like a nice quiet country stroll, up on the downs to see the views

Q: What’s your favourite cheese?

A: Stilton

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