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Autumn Recipes

Autumn Recipes

If you are organising a self catering weekend at our properties, we know that one of the aspects that takes a fair amount of planning, is deciding on the menu.

And then working out if you are ready to make 80 dumplings in 1 hour! Or whether you have bitten off more than you can chew! (excusing the pun)

Autumn is  a great time for Stews, Soups and Pot Dishes that warm the soul, as well as keeping your group well fed. There is a bounty of orchard fruits, late vegetable harvests and wild game available, offering the chance to indulge in some delicious and flavoursome foods.

Nathan Outlaw’s rustic seafood stew recipe combines pollack, squid and mussels with the strong flavours of tarragon, garlic and tomatoes to stunning effect, while Shaun Hill is a touch more traditional with his offering; a beef stew recipe with mash potato and leeks – perfect for the whole family.



Pumpkin, squash, cabbages and root vegetables are nearing their prime, and are perfect for roasting or adding to fragrant soups. Here is a fantastic collection of soup recipes; complete with a pea and ham soup from Steven Doherty, a creamy pumpkin soup recipe from Robert Thompson, and a vibrant cherry soup recipe from Shaun Hill.

Full-flavoured fruits such as plums, damsons, blackberries, figs, apples and pears abound in Autumn, and are equally suitable for sweet and savoury dishes. Beef and Prune Pie anyone?


Source www.greatbritishchefs.com

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